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About eJam, Inc.:

eJam is a consumer products brand incubator and holding company focused on eCommerce marketing. We are seeking an experienced Retention Marketing Specialist to play a crucial role in supporting our marketing team’s initiatives and contributing to our overall brand-building strategy.

Role Overview:

This position involves developing and executing email and SMS marketing strategies to enhance customer engagement, drive revenue growth, and support marketing efforts for our eCommerce, marketplace, and retail business.

This role is the right fit for you if :

You possess strong analytical skills and a track record of boosting revenue growth by enhancing customer retention.
You are hands-on, willing to execute, and iterate swiftly through A/B testing and experimentation.
Your passion lies in nurturing long-term customer relationships and maximizing their Lifetime Value (LTV).
Your expertise extends to developing, planning, launching, and analyzing customer retention campaigns, with a particular focus on analytics and robust financial modeling.
You have a deep understanding of the levers and tools needed to assess, define, and optimize your strategic marketing plan is evident.


Developing strategy and leading the execution of the Retention marketing programs across email, push, SMS, subscription, and CRM marketing initiatives.
Create and manage subscription workflows for customer retention, reactivation, and churn reduction.
Working cross-functionally with development, design, data/analytics, and creative to design, build, and execute automated, triggered lifecycle, and ad-hoc campaigns across direct marketing user journeys (email, SMS, and other messaging delivery applications).
Manage customer loyalty and referral programs.
Oversee list building, pre and post-purchase content, conversion flows, and abandoned cart/session flows.
Maintain marketing calendars for promotions, product launches, and events.
Collaborate with and support our omnichannel efforts in retail and on marketplaces
Collaborate with cross-functional teams for cohesive campaign execution.
Analyze campaign performance to optimize strategy and execution.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

Abandoned cart/session revenue recovery percentage.
Pre-sale lead-to-conversion rate and timeframe.
Customer repeat purchase rate.
Customer Lifetime Value
Revenue per send for email campaigns and flows.
Revenue per send for SMS campaigns and flows.
Email and SMS revenue as a percentage of total eCommerce revenue.

What We Offer at eJam, Inc.:

A dynamic and passionate team environment.
Opportunity to work on world-class products and innovative brands.
A blend of data-driven and creative approaches to resonate with customers.
A global workforce, with team members from nine countries.
An energetic and motivated team atmosphere
A commitment to individual growth and expression in a collaborative setting.


3-5 years of experience in email and SMS marketing, preferably in eCommerce (ideally with a CPG brand or product line).
Experience managing large subscriber lists and working with digitally native brands.
Familiarity with ad spend-driven, direct-response marketing teams.
Strong analytical skills and a data-driven approach.
Klaviyo, Shopify, and Recharge experience ideal
Knowledge of email marketing best practices and experience with conversion-oriented design and copy (subject lines, messaging, list management & segmentation, deliverability, and CAN-SPAM/anti-spam laws.


Fully Remote

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