Customer Success Manager

About us

At Presail, we make Web3 investment infrastructure. We’re on a mission to make it possible for retail investors to invest in startups that are not yet openly traded on public exchanges, and use Web3 technology to remove the barriers in traditional finance that have made venture investing inaccessible to anyone other than the rich and well-connected.

Presail was founded in 2021, originally built to help crypto investors correctly report their taxes. After working on an investor-oriented product for a while, we realised that the best way to serve the investors in the space was to make a platform for the projects and investment funds they were investing in. Today, our platform helps our customers raise funds, vest tokens, and manage their investors in a safe and compliant way. The verdict from our customers is clear: Presail helps them stay on top of everything, reduces their exposure to scams and bad actors, and plays a crucial role in their compliance work.

About the team

We pride ourselves on making a big impact with a small team. Our team of ten people works to deliver exceptional products and customer service that place our users in the centre. Our offices are located in Oslo, but we are a remote-friendly company that hires from anywhere in the world.

About the role

As a Customer Success Manager at Presail, you will play a critical role in ensuring our clients’ success and satisfaction. Your responsibilities will be divided into two primary areas.

Firstly, you will serve as the primary point of contact for our valued customers, playing a central role in addressing their needs and concerns. Your duties will include providing chat support to assist customers in overcoming daily challenges and facilitating effective communication with our product and development teams to promptly resolve any concerns.

Secondly, your role is pivotal in building and maintaining post-sales activities. You will be responsible for fostering the adoption, implementation, onboarding, and expansion of Presail products. Your clear and compelling communication skills will be instrumental in inspiring customers to make the most of Presail‘s products, solutions, and services. This position reports directly to the COO.

What you’ll do

Act as the primary point of contact for core Presail customers through our live Telegram chat-support, ensuring top-notch customer service.

Lead post-sales activities, including onboarding, product adoption, and upsell opportunities, while collaborating closely with the COO.

Create product-related announcements (e.g., posts, videos etc .) to increase product awareness

Collect and relay vital customer feedback to the Product Team

Identify & drive initiatives related to new systems and processes and improve the overall customer success function

Create a single source of truth on how to reply to customers (e.g., internal FAQ playbook)

What you’ll need

Expertise and experience from the crypto industry related to DeFi, blockchain, or Web3 investments

Experience working in or building a tech startup

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Excellent problem-solving skills

Exhibit strong analytical and strategic thinking skills

Exhibit a strong sense of ownership and ability to demonstrate leadership within a performance-base culture

Availability to work in the East Coast of the US


Experience with setting up and managing relevant customer success tools

Technical background or experience with product development

What you’ll get in return

$ 70.000 – 85.000 salary, depending on your seniority and how well you fit the role

Meaningful co-ownership through our employee stock option plan.

5 weeks of paid vacation time, in addition to your national holidays

Premium health insurance, including dental and vision insurance

A workstation stipend. We’ll set you up with the work computer of your dreams!

Flexibility: Work from anywhere in the world. Begin and end your workday whenever you want

Boundaries: The work week is 40 hours. For this particular position we are looking for someone available to work 4 weekdays + 1 day during the weekend

Does this sound like the perfect job for you? Apply now. If you don’t meet the exact requirements but still think that what we do is awesome apply anyway – we’d like to get in touch!

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