Smart Contract Engineer Collateral Engineering Services

The Collateral Engineering Services Core Unit (CES) is a crucial aspect of growing MakerDAO and central to the protocol’s success. Onboarding diverse and quality collateral assets to the Maker Protocol scales-up Dai availability, increases the demand for Dai, supports financial inclusion, and ultimately helps mitigate risk while maintaining Dai stability.

The Core Unit Mandate focuses on three distinct areas: Dai supply, collateral infrastructure, and DAO principles. Moreover, a formalized and public collateral onboarding process upholds the DAO’s principles of complete transparency and accountability to the Maker community. The mission of the Collateral Engineering Services Core Unit is to;

Scale the Dai supply and reduce risk using desirable and diverse collateral

Build, deliver, and operate the infrastructure for critical and sustainable core collateral management services

Uphold the MakerDAO core principles.

The Role

We’re looking for a Smart Contract Engineer that can help productize and implement the collateral management process for crypto native and real world assets. This means working closely with Oracles, Protocol Engineering, and Risk teams to determine how we can automate the onboarding of the existing collateral types and new ones including NFTs and real world assets.

You will have a high-degree of exposure to oracles, L2 scaling solutions and decentralized governance, you will interact with various stakeholders within MakerDAO, look at the current collateral onboarding process and design the set of Smart Contracts that will allow anyone to signal and onboard new asset types directly from their UIs.  We need someone who can write, deploy, optimize and secure complex smart contracts, that handle billions in value. 

Curious about the collateral onboarding process, find out more


Some of your responsibilities will include: 

Writing and compiling Solidity Smart Contracts, including quirks and edge cases

Debugging and testing with tools like hevm, dapp-test, remix

Ethereum testnets and contract deployment scripts

Playing with Fuzzers and Vulnerability Scanners such as Echidna, Manticore, Slither, etc

Feeds & Oracles including both smart contracts (solidity) and scuttlebuttContainerization of backend service

About you

Self Starter that thrives well in ambiguity and can envision successful outcomes

Clear communicator who’s able to express complex ideas and execute

Enjoys solving real world problems, working within unchartered territories

A strong sense of ownership, with the ability to lead and guide others to reach solutions

Thrives in a distributed environment, with the ability to build relationships across the community

Passionate about the blockchain industry with the desire to learn more, specifically within a DAO in the DeFi space

What’s in it for you

Be part of an ecosystem that encourages transparency and alignment with open source methodologies and principles

Contribute to high-impact projects that address some of the core needs of a decentralized protocol

Work within a remote and highly collaborative team consisting of diverse experts

Full-time permanent team member of the Collateral Engineering Services Core Unit

Competitive compensation that consists of fixed monthly income plus MKR incentive plan vested over a 3-year period

1-2 years of professional Solidity development experience

Deep understanding of the underlying Ethereum Virtual Machine, compilation from high level language to bytecode, the EVM execution model, memory layout, etc.

Knowledge of common smart contract development design patterns, industry standards (ERCs and EIPs) and best practices. Understand typical smart contract problems like reentrancy, migrations and upgradeability of immutable systems.

Nice to haves

Broad understanding of traditional finance, currency and money markets, and how they’re being adapted into Decentralized Finance, with concepts such as Security Tokens, Decentralized Exchanges, Fungibility, etc.

Experience with solidity from reputable DeFi or blockchain project

Security/auditing experience

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