Slides With Friends: Senior Fullstack Engineer – Vue.js (100% Remote)

Headquarters: Philadelphia, PA


Slides With Friends is a platform for interactive presentations, group education, live polls/quizzes, and team building — we make group experiences more engaging, educational, and fun.
Our small remote team is looking to hire our first non-founding software engineer. You’ll work directly with our technical co-founder to help build and release new features as well as improve the reliability, speed, and organization of our codebase. This is a central, hands-on role and you will be a core part of the team: your work will directly improve our customers lives and you will see immediate results from the things you build.
As our first engineering hire it will be your job to bring technical expertise to our team and help us balance the need to develop and release new features regularly with the need to improve our code quality, organization, and testing. We aim to move at a deliberate, steady speed that will bring us the most progress and the best product over the long run.

To do well in this position you should have years of experience writing clean and reliable code, shipping features regularly, and taking ownership of complex projects from start to finish. You will be the primary builder of our software — this is a role for someone who likes to code and ship profusely and has the experience to do it well.

What we’re looking for

 6+ years of hands-on experience building complex production software for the web
2+ years working with Vue.js professionally
Strong grasp of HTML/CSS including grid, flexbox, use of preprocessors, and optimizing for browser compatibility
You want a role that is primarily code contribution (e.g. building and launching features)
You have a visible track record of delivering products and feature to end-users
Solid written and verbal English skills and communicate clearly
Experienced with modern best practices for automated testing, CI/CD, git, etc. and can help us improve where we need it
Experience organizing large projects for reliability, testability, performance, and upgradeability and you have opinions on how best to do these things
You like to take ownership of projects and don’t need a lot of oversight or handholding
You understand the high-level goals goals of a project and create code that meets those goals, integrates elegantly with the rest of the codebase, and is ready for the future
You like to architect a project so it will be maintainable, testable, and extensible in the future. Thinking ahead is a key aspect of development for you

Extra credit

You have a CS, engineering, or similar degree
Experience building highly-available, scalable, real-time applications
Experience with Apollo/GraphQL/WebSockets
Experience with PostgreSQL, Hasura, or cloud systems (AWS)
Experience with use of Cloudflare, Fastly, or CDN
Experience with SVG or Canvas rendering/animation


Vue/Nuxt (migrating from 2 to 3)
Hasura backed by PostgreSQL
Apollo GraphQL over websockets
Cypress E2E testing

In the future we will be moving to: Vue3/Nuxt3, Typescript, more E2E testing, Storybook

Why work with us:

100% remote and async team, we like working with talent wherever you are
Work when and how you want – we care about results not your hours
Your work will go directly into the hands of users and you’ll have a real impact
Work directly with the founders and get firsthand experience building and growing a bootstrapped SaaS company
Focus on deliberate growth and speed, not burnout-level pressure. Our goal is to build wonderful products over years, not push our team to the edge.
We value deep work and autonomy and have few meetings and minimal overhead

Things you might do:

Help us migrate to Vue 3 and TypeScript, adding tests and improving the organization of our code along the way
Suggest architecture changes that would improve performance and reliability for end-users
Architect and build a “single-player” or async mode for our presentations to help teachers and trainers assign quizzes
Implement a method for changing text sizing, positioning, and design on our responsive slides
Build new interactive slide types to add to our slide deck builder
Build a fast and light embeddable version of our interactive slides to use as live quizzes on a website
Update our GraphQL subscriptions, and relevant Postgres indices, to improve performance for groups of 1000+ simultaneous participants
Diagnose WebSocket disconnect issues and create a resilient solution that keeps our users connected and reduces error rates

About us
We are headquartered in Philadelphia, PA (USA, UTC-5) and the team works remotely in a variety of time zones. Slides With Friends was started during the pandemic to help distant groups stay connected and have fun remotely — and we are continuing with the mission of helping improve group experiences, social gatherings, and remote relationships. We want to bring software to the world that has a positive impact and brings people together.
The salary range for this position is $70k-$110k USD depending on location and experience

To apply:

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