Senior Software Engineer Marketplace

About the Role

Roll up your sleeves and climb on board if you’re ready to be our Senior Software Engineer. In this role, you will be an integral player in the Marketplace team based in Bangalore, India. With knowledge of building scalable applications, current user trends and preferences, and emerging technologies in the field, you’ll get your hands dirty in designing, managing, and improving various applications within the Marketplace stream. You’ll also enhance the engineering platform and cloud infrastructure used by all engineers, thereby improving the team’s overall productivity. In our humble opinion, the coolest part of this role is your ability to own the future of these products, ensure its quality and longevity, and see the results of your efforts in people’s every day lives.


What You Will DoTakes responsibility for the entire lifecycle of their stories: development, test, production, and subsequent fixes and improvementsReaches out to stakeholders to clarify the requirements for the story they are working onImproves the development experience at Gojek by enhancing development tools, test coverage, and/or code structureManages timely delivery for own tasks consistentlyActively supports their team in the tracking and reporting of execution metrics both through automation as well as disciplined adherence to processes and best practicesHas an in-depth understanding of at least one programming language and frameworkPerforms code reviews that follow the standards and practices of the engineering handbook and that are recognized by their team as helpfulCollaborates with other engineers, designers and QAs to flesh out implementation details based on the established pattern in the stream

What You Will NeedAt least 4 years of relevant, hands-on experience with either Golang, or JavaAbility to go in-depth across tech stacks used in the productExperience working on large-scale, event-driven microservice architecture with active use of Kafka; ability to architect solutions based on this patternFamiliarity with basic programming principles such as SOLID and TDDIntermediate experience with Linux OS; ability to troubleshoot issuesA solid understanding of why we need to test code; experience implementing testsAbility to understand/discuss design and performance trade-offs in complex systems


About the Team

The Marketplace Product Development team at Gojek handles the hardest quantitative problems related to improving Gojek’s real-time marketplace. We are responsible for the pillars of technology, science, and strategy across the supply and demand. More specifically, we optimally match customer orders across Gojek (Food, Transport, etc.) with the right driver partners at the right time and location. We are the brains of Gojek’s on-demand nature, matching millions of orders a day. This supply and demand matching is the core problem that our Product Team tackles every day, designing products and services that solve this ever-evolving challenge. The efficiency of our matching technology directly impacts customer and driver-partner experience, as well as the unit economics of the platform.


Some of the key problem statements that our team works on are: how to intelligently pair driver partners to customers to provide the quickest pickup times, how to make our service more affordable by pairing demand on overlapping routes, and how to fairly distribute customer orders across our driver base, just to name a few. 


Combating remote work has brought us even closer, with frequent catch-ups over tea and sharing ways we have been keeping ourselves sane. Along with our desire to utilize smart technology and innovative engineering strategies to make people’s lives easier, our team also bonds over our shared love for reading, gaming, and drinking lots of coffee. We work hard and play hard, and believe it or not, we actually enjoy each other’s company!

About GoTo Group

GoTo Group is the largest digital ecosystem in Indonesia with its mission to “Empower Progress’ by offering technological infrastructure and solutions for everyone to access and thrive in the digital economy. The GoTo ecosystem consists of on-demand transportation services, food and grocery delivery, logistics and fulfillment, as well as financial and payment services through the Gojek and GoTo Financial platforms.It is the first platform in Southeast Asia that hosts these crucial cases in a single ecosystem, capturing the majority of Indonesia’s vast consumer household.

About Gojek 

Gojek is Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand platform and pioneer of the multi-service ecosystem with over 2.5 million driver partners across the regions offering a wide range of services such as transportation, food delivery, logistics and more. With its mission to create impact at scale, Gojek is committed to resolving consumer problems and raising standards of living by connecting consumers to the best providers of goods and services in the market.

About GoTo Financial

GoTo Financial accelerates financial inclusion through its leading financial services and merchants solutions. Its consumer services include GoPay and GoPayLater and serve businesses of all sizes through Midtrans, Moka, GoBiz Plus, GoBiz, and Selly. With its trusted and inclusive ecosystem of products, GoTo Financial is open to new growth opportunities and aims to empower everyone to Make It Happen, Make It Together, Make It Last.

GoTo and its business units, including Gojek, GoToFinancial and GoToLogistics («GoTo») only post job opportunities on our official channels on our respective company websites and on LinkedIn. GoTo is not liable for any job postings or job offers that did not originate from us. You should conduct your own due diligence to prevent being victims of any fake job scams, if they did not originate from GoTo’s official recruitment channels.

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