HR Manager – Compliance and Development

HeadQuarters is a 100+ person global start-up that supports US cannabis companies in finance, sales operations, and logistics. Our values are Curiosity and Persistence. Curiosity because if there’s a problem we care to understand why; and we look at the puzzle from different angles. Persistence because any problems worth solving will not have an easy solution. Our main hubs are in Mexico and Serbia. So you must be willing to travel to Mexico and Serbia.

The HR Manager will build internal systems and structure to support our Team Leads who directly manage our workforce. You will get resources and support. But you must be comfortable executing and optimizing based on what happens.

A unique challenge of the job is our business model. We are a staffing company meaning many of our employees work very closely with their clients which creates a strong sense of engagement with external companies rather than HQ.

The working hours for this position are 9 am – 5 pm EST.


Performance Management and Development – Implement performance management systems and processes that align with client and industry needs.
Develop and deliver training programs to support the professional development and skill enhancement of our team members.
Coach and mentor managers on effective leadership and performance management practices.
Drive buy-in of company policies across the organization via transparent communication and relationship building
Plan and execute employee engagement initiatives, virtual-events, and programs to enhance team understanding of the larger market.
Develop and implement compensation and benefits programs that attract and retain top talent and align with industry standards.
Lead internal HR staff – in the beginning our HR Admin and Employee Experience Specialist.


Strong knowledge of HR processes and functions.
Coaching mentality.
Experience in collaborating with remote teams in different geographies highly desirable.
Comfortable giving and receiving feedback.
Growth mindset

In the first year this role will be more of a ‘doers’ role, but later one, with strengthening the structure, it will become closer to a strategical ‘thinkers’ role. We are open for people coming from different backgrounds, so long as you can demonstrate a history of gaining buy in from teammates.


Competitive salary.
Fully remote position.
Opportunities for professional growth; working with the largest companies in the expanding cannabis industry ($10M+ monthly revenues).

If you are an experienced people leader professional with a passion for driving positive change within an organization, we encourage you to apply.

Looking forward to meeting you!


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