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The Booking Group is excited to be looking for a Staff Software Developer to work with two teams who are building integrated care for practitioners, patients, and staff in the Jane ecosystem. You’ll be reimagining communications across Jane and building out our next generation architecture for new and existing communication channels. Your expertise will be used to guide the teams in complex technical decisions and to provide mentorship and support where needed. You’ll also get the opportunity to contribute to the code base, set patterns, and implement the more complex areas of the features you are building. You will be working with a combination of languages (Ruby on Rails monolith with React and Typescript, Java microservices) as you contribute to various code bases.
Like with all positions at Jane, this position is a remote position, allowing you to work anywhere you want across Canada. Building a delighted team who can delight our customers is part of Jane’s DNA. In our most recent company-wide health check, 99% of our team agreed that our founders demonstrate people are important to Jane’s success. On top of that, 98% of our team felt Manager cares about them as human beings and that they are supported when needing to arrange time off from work. We’d never claim to be perfect, but we’re working hard to listen to our people and improve each day. We really want the people who work at Jane to love being here, so it’s important that we start with a bit about what makes our company unique and try to be as transparent as possible. Our values also provide some insights into Jane and hopefully, you’ll have a better idea if this might be the kind of company you want to be part of. Before we were Jane, our Co-Founders were solving problems for their own clinics not realizing that a few years later, this team would grow to support tens of thousands of healthcare practices in more than 60 countries. Our platform is now helping to modernize the world of practice management software. We enable the likes of physiotherapists, mental health counsellors, chiropractors, and other allied health practitioners to run their practices in a digital-first way through features such as online booking, charting, scheduling, telehealth, and billing along with an evolving library of features. You can see more of them here. Although we’ve grown, still to this day, we’re rooted in solving clinics’ problems and making sure we don’t lose sight of Jane’s vision. We have remained profitable for the past seven years, we’re product-led and growing organically (and responsibly) to the point where 85% of our customer growth is either from customer referrals or word of mouth. Growth like this is unique, especially in the world of SaaS, and it doesn’t happen by chance. We have a brilliant team of over 400 Janers who are doing an amazing job of listening to our customers, building what they need, and providing industry-leading support. We pride ourselves on flexibility & autonomy, some of our team block out their calendars to pick up their children from school (and this is normal at Jane), and we even have a #kids channel in Slack. We’re not a clock-in clock-out system-type environment. With that being said, we’re not going to paint the picture of a perfect environment either. We’re a company that’s scaling quickly, we have many moving parts, many of us are doing this for the first time and sometimes, we don’t have processes in place or clear views which can require a lot of resourcefulness and a passion for problem-solving. With all that to say, if you’re looking for an environment where you can grow, stretch yourself, and work with some incredibly talented people on problems that are positively impacting people’s lives, Jane could be the place for you. Compensation Expectations for the RoleJane’s committed to paying our team members fairly, clearly, and above all, paying for growth. This role has a minimum annual salary of $146,400 and a maximum annual salary of $228,600. As you may have noticed, this salary range is quite large, and this is intentional to account for the growth someone will experience in the role throughout their time at Jane (i.e., from building the skills, to accomplished, to highly proficient, all the way to achieving excellence in the role). When hiring talented folks to join the Jane team, we’ve found that new team members are best set up for success when hired with the expectation of being fully accomplished in the role, which for this role would reflect a salary between $173,800 to $182,900. It’s also possible to join Jane at a salary above or below this, which would mean a salary below $173,800 which typically reflects someone who has all the potential to be fully accomplished in the role but doesn’t yet possess all the skills required, while a salary above $182,900 is typically for individuals who are currently in this role at Jane and had the opportunity to make a significant positive impact on our customers, product and company with deep Jane knowledge. At Jane, we pay for growth, which means that you’ll continue to have conversations about your career development with your manager and see your compensation grow over time as you build an amazing career with us. More information on Jane’s benefits package can be found here

To be successful in this role you’ll have..

An entrepreneurial spirit that is energized by building something from scratch for a new client base.
A strong desire to ship features: a willingness to try, fail and iterate, with a force of will to make this cycle happen.
The experience to drive technical decisions for the team and willingness to share your experience by participating in the architectural forums at Jane.
Champion our customer use cases ensuring that your team solves real-world problems prioritizing the safety and security of the implementation.
Deep understanding of tooling and best practices around testability, maintainability of code, and the ability to apply this and create a production solution that meets a high quality bar.
A knowledge and mindset for Operations that enables the team to monitor and maintain their infrastructure in production, following the standards at Jane, and ensuring observability, traceability and reliability for the service layer.
A drive to mentor and coach other developers, and educate them on best practices and design principles as needed.
Pride in demonstrating deep ownership and will continuously seek improvement from a quality and productivity standpoint on deliverables, code reviews, performance, and security.
Diligent communication to ensure that the team knows what they’re committing to through an agile and iterative approach.

The impact you could have…

You will make an impact on people’s careers via mentorship and coaching.
You will drive technical decisions that will improve the code base and set the technical roadmap for your team.
Improving and building new features for Jane customers that will help them to better engage with patients and deliver care more seamlessly.
Improving the code base by identifying refactoring and redesign opportunities so that we can deliver features at a good cadence.
Using metrics to drive decisions.

The experience we feel we need…

Communications experience: any kind of communications platform, working with messaging, push notifications, telehealth, either integrating with an existing platform or implementing one from scratch.
Experience building feature-rich web applications with Ruby on Rails, React and Typescript.
Proven track record in building and maintaining highly performant services, through performance profiling and tuning.
Experience scaling systems both vertically and horizontally using a metrics-based approach to decision-making.
Experience applying architectural patterns and design patterns in and across services, with an eye towards clean architecture and clean coding practices.
Experience in API Design as Jane takes an API-first approach.
Experience integrating with 3rd party platforms.
Cloud architecture (e.g. AWS, GCP, Azure), containerization (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes) and some Infrastructure as code (e.g. Terraform or Helm) experience.
Experience in data modelling and different types of data stores (e.g: Postgres, MySQL, Redis, Kafka).
The ability to share technical details clearly and a documentation approach that reduces cognitive load for the team and increases shared context of the problem space.
Exposure to HIPAA-governed implementations or Personally Identifiable Information (PII)-sensitive environments.
At Jane, we’re committed to fostering an environment that allows you to come to work as your truest self. We believe it’s important to actively recognize, embrace, and celebrate our differences in order to make Jane an inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplace.
We want to build a team of people who make conversations rich with perspective and experience. We are committed to listening to every voice in order to learn and grow because doing this will allow us to meet the needs of the diverse community of helpers that Jane serves.
We do not tolerate discrimination, prejudice, or oppressive isms of any kind. Employment is decided on the basis of qualifications, merit, experience, and the needs of the Jane community. We encourage anyone who requires accommodation or adjustments throughout the interview process to let us know, and we will do our best to support you.

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