Software Developer 4 day work week


Runn is hiring fully remote software engineerings in the US timezone (UTC-3 to UTC-10). We are open to hiring in any location or country within this timezone.

We offer a 4 day / 32 hour work week at full pay with transparent international salaries, home office setup, and 20 days annual leave and 20 days sick/personal leave per year.

Our software provides a real-time project and resource management platform with a focus on the human element of delivering successful projects. We are used by customers in 50+ countries, ranging from small 5 person agencies to some of the largest companies on earth.

We are a 40 person startup headquartered out of New Zealand with staff across 12 countries and expanding at a sustainable pace.

Role Details

‍Level: Intermediate / Senior / Senior II / Staff

Salary: $95,500 / $121,000 / $145,500 / $172,000 CAD

Location: Remote, Canada / US Timezones (UTC-3 to UTC-10), any country within this timezone

Hours:‍ 4 days / 32 hours a week

Benefits:‍ Fully funded home office + 20 days annual leave + 20 days sick leave/carer’s leave + health insurance

Team size: 16 software engineers

Company Vision: A world where neither time nor talent is wasted

Core Product: Project and resource management software, enabling businesses to match their employees’ skills, talents and hours with the right projects to deliver successful projects on time and on budget.

Engineering Role Overview

‍‍Runn is built using a modern development stack: React, Node, GraphQL, Postgres, tested with Cypress and Vitest, deployed via GitHub Actions to Heroku.

Our developers are involved in the entire product life cycle. We aren’t just full stack, we are product stack. That means you’ll be involved from the idea stage, into design, then development, testing, deployment and support. Our engineers are passionate about what they are building, and the technology they can employ to build it.

We aim to attract top talent globally to join our high performing team, and look for enthusiastic, driven and motivated engineers who work well in a collaborative, fast paced and fully remote environment.

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