Junior Software Engineer

Hello 👋!
We make Octopus Deploy.
We simplify complex software deployments so our customers can focus on what they do best and ship software on time without unwanted disruptions or surprises.
🐙235,000+ people use Octopus Deploy.
🐙600,000+ virtual machines run our Tentacle agent.
🐙300,000,000+ deployments to date.
🐙90% of support emails answered in 2 hours or less.
🐙Over 3,500 organisations use Octopus Deploy (curious? check this out)
Octopus Deploy is one of Australia’s fastest-growing software companies (and we’re taking on the world). After bootstrapping for a decade, in 2021, we quietly raised Australia’s second largest ever venture capital raise, accepting a USD 172M minority investment from Insight Partners.
Salary expectation: $90,000-100,000 AUD + stock options
Learn more about our roles and responsibilities on our public GitHub repo: github.com/OctopusDeploy/People

A typical day might include:

Working where you work best, in a home office designed by you, using a device of your choosing, with or without music, in an atmosphere you create for yourself.
Changing source code hosted in GitHub, most of it in the open, collaborating on a pull request, then shipping a release to customers worldwide via an automated build, test, and delivery pipeline, often within the same day.
Handling an inbound support ticket from a customer, helping them succeed with Octopus, or offering advice to a customer in our community Slack workspace.
Pairing with another software engineer or a support engineer to help them reproduce a tricky problem, helping them understand the inner workings of Octopus in the process so they can be more helpful to even more customers over time.
Pairing with another engineer on a Zoom call to solve a complex technical problem or design a new feature.
Fixing a bug using an approach like red-green-refactor to prevent customers from experiencing that bug again.
Improving our documentation to help customers discover solutions for themselves and learn how to use Octopus for more complicated workflows.
Writing a blog post about something interesting for other developers or explaining a new feature of Octopus.

You will be a great fit for this role if:

You have a firm grasp of the software trade using any language or toolset, preferably C# and TypeScript.
You are comfortable making good decisions with general concepts like dependency, extensibility, and compatibility, and perhaps you are a specialist in a specific area of software engineering.
You enjoy automating builds, tests, deployments, infrastructure, and operational tasks.
You enjoy working in a «you built it, you run it» culture, where teams take pride in the quality of their work and the availability of their systems, with many people joining our humane on-call program.
You can work independently, motivating yourself to do high-quality work on time and communicating with your teammates when you need help or are ready for something new.
You enjoy collaborating with other people to solve problems, challenging each other to discover the best solution for a problem using a balance of passion, pragmatism, and empathy.
You are a results-oriented person, focused on iteratively delivering valuable things to your customers, willingly changing direction based on clear and transparent business information, and someone who helps others do the same.

You’ll Enjoy This Role If:

You like a balance of freedom and responsibility, being treated as an adult.
You want to do the best work of your life with other like-minded people.
You enthusiastically accept radically candid feedback; that is thoughtful, timely, and directly actionable, and you offer the same benefit to others.
You enjoy solving complex distributed computing, automation, security, performance, and usability problems.
You like working with great tools like the latest versions of C#, .NET, TypeScript, and React, in the development environment of your choice.
You like working with customers directly, helping them succeed with Octopus, even if success is elusive.
You enjoy doing things the right way from the very beginning knowing you are working on a valuable asset.

Why Is This A Great Opportunity?

We offer great benefits, including generous laptop and home office allowances, plus stock options!
Annual leave of 25 x days.
Parents receive 12 weeks of fully Paid Parental Leave.
We value transparency and fairness in every aspect of our business. For example, Paul (our CEO) shares monthly updates on company performance, and our pay structures are designed to pass the ‘printer test’.
Trust and autonomy. Octonauts are treated like adults, and are trusted to find the best way of working for the task at hand, without managers looking over their shoulder.
You’ll be joining a high-growth company with numerous opportunities to learn and advance your career.
Remote first: work from wherever you feel most productive.
We are a supportive company where everyone’s contribution is valued.
We respect and encourage work/life balance.

Equal Opportunity:

We’ve built an inclusive workplace culture and understand the importance of culture-add versus culture-fit.
From day 1, you’ll have a buddy helping you get your bearings. You can book coffee chats with anyone in the company. We encourage everyone to have a voice in all product and business aspects. So much so that we have an open chat policy (all channels are public by default), and everyone is welcome!
If you need assistance or accommodation during the application process because of disability, please let us know, and we’ll try our best to accommodate.
Also, when it comes to inclusivity, we mean it. Check out our handbook!
If you’d like to work at Octopus, reach out and say hello!

[Note to Search Firms/Agencies]

Octopus Deploy does not compensate search firms for unsolicited assistance unless they have a written search agreement with Octopus Deploy and the requisition is position-specific. Any resumes, curriculum vitae and other unsolicited assistance from search firms that do not have a written search agreement or position-specific requisition submitted to any Associate of Octopus Deploy will be deemed the sole property of Octopus Deploy and no fee will be paid in the event the candidate is hired by Octopus Deploy.

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