Full-time Junior Data Analyst

Our company is developing an innovative hardware that plays a crucial role in safeguarding communities from potential disasters related to electricity distribution, such as prolonged power outages, wildfires, and dangerous incidents involving the public. By utilizing advanced sensors, our technology promptly detects and locates grid disturbances, enabling rapid response to prevent or mitigate their impact. Join us in our mission to enhance safety and reliability for communities worldwide, protecting against catastrophic events before they occur.

We’re currently looking for a Junior Data Analyst to help us identify, analyze, and interpret trends from the data collected by our fleet of devices around the clock.

WHY do we need you?

At a pivotal moment in our growth, we’ve successfully deployed our innovative power grid monitoring devices across several regions, marking a significant milestone in our mission to enhance the safety and efficiency of power distribution networks worldwide. With the ambition to ensure uninterrupted, round-the-clock monitoring of our expanding fleet, we’re looking to establish operational hubs in various countries. This strategic expansion aims to leverage global talent and time zone coverage to enhance our operations team’s capability to vigilantly monitor our fleet of devices around the clock.

As an early team member of our operational centers, you’re not just joining a company; you’re joining a critical mission. You will play a pivotal role in monitoring the power grid, acting as the first line of defense against power line faults that could lead to catastrophic wildfires. Your efforts in real-time data analysis, anomaly detection, and critical event escalation will directly contribute to preventing potential disasters, ensuring fleet reliability, and safeguarding communities.


This is what you’ll be doing:

Monitor real-time data streams from the fleet and document anomalies or issues.
Investigate and analyze real-time data streams for potential faults, following the established processes to triage and escalate critical events.
Create real-time and daily reports for different faults observed


BA in Data Science, Physics or Engineering
Proficient in English
Basic understanding of data analytics and anomaly detection
A passion for working in a fast-paced environment
Highly motivated, self-starting, and able to perform duties without supervision

Salary Range

Annual Salary (in USD): $12,000- $18,000


Although we do not require candidates to submit a cover letter, candidates who wish to have their application stand out are invited to write a cover letter outlining one or all of the following things in bullet-point format:

Why you are interested in joining Gridware
What skills make you the perfect candidate for this role

About Gridware

We provide a full-stack (hardware + firmware + software) solution for real-time monitoring of the power distribution grid. Our low-cost hardware platforms are deployed to power poles, where they

detect and predict faults that lead to wildfire ignition or outages
expedite repairs during power outages

Gridware’s technology is designed to unlock essential values for other adjacent verticals. Our unique positioning allows us to solve some of the world’s most burning challenges – from helping policy makers make data-driven infrastructure decisions to helping farmers overcome micro-climate challenges. While others turn a blind eye to these aged and highly-regulated industries, we at Gridware believe it’s our duty to find win-for-all scenarios that lead to a prosperous future for coming generations.

Gridware is an equal opportunity employer. We want applicants of diverse backgrounds and hire without regard to color, gender, religion, national origin, citizenship, disability, age, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Originally posted on Himalayas


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