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As the Executive Assistant/Chief of Staff at MDS, you will be an instrumental part of our leadership support structure, managing complex schedules, coordinating communications across departments, and ensuring the seamless execution of strategic initiatives. Your role will involve a blend of administrative mastery, strategic planning, and operational efficiency to enhance our team’s productivity and contribute to our community’s growth.


The ideal candidate is a highly organized, detail-oriented professional with a proven track record in executive support roles. You thrive in fast-paced environments and are adept at managing a wide range of responsibilities, from scheduling and communications to project management and event planning. Your excellent communication skills and ability to work independently make you a strong fit for this remote role. You align with MDS’s core values, bringing a proactive, solution-focused approach to every task.


Our Evolution: A Leap from Humble Beginnings to E-commerce Excellence

Once a small circle of aspiring Amazon sellers, we’ve soared to new heights as Million Dollar Sellers (MDS). Today, MDS is more than a community; it symbolizes success and humbleness, where only the best 7-figure e-com and Amazon entrepreneurs gather.

Our Ethos: Where Giving Leads to Thriving

Rooted in the mantra «Give More, Get More,» our ethos is the heartbeat of MDS. It’s a world where active participation and mutual growth are not just encouraged, they’re expected. Our community thrives on high engagement, shared wisdom, and authentic experiences. We pride ourselves on being a no-go zone for info-marketers and self-proclaimed gurus, keeping our space pure, practical, and power-packed with real-world knowledge.

Our Mission: Uniting the Brightest in E-commerce

Our mission is bold yet crystal clear – to bring together and facilitate information exchange and relationship building between the brightest minds in e-commerce who share our core values. With our members representing over 8 billion in sales in 2023, MDS stands tall as the premier league of e-commerce entrepreneurship. Our commitment is unwavering: to keep MDS at the forefront of thought leadership and trailblazing innovation in the industry while helping support our members success in their respective businesses

Who We Are:

MDS stands as a beacon for over 650 e-commerce entrepreneurs, generating a staggering 8 billion dollars on Amazon. It’s a melting pot where innovation, networking, and collaboration are not just buzzwords, but a way of life. Our members, ranging from successful CEOs to visionary leaders, thrive in an ecosystem rich in knowledge, insights, and strategic partnerships.

Our Core Values: The MDS Creed

Give More, Get More: We believe in abundance, where collective growth and success are not just dreams but realities.
The Group Comes First: Our strength lies in unity, celebrating our achievements as a collective triumph.
What Would Mom Say: We operate with ethics, respect, and kindness, non-negotiable values.
Like-minded & Driven: Ambition, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence mark our shared journey.
Show Up: Every interaction is a chance to inspire, learn, and make a difference.
Proven: Our community is an exclusive arena for the proven, where merit and credibility are king.

Fun Facts About Million Dollar Sellers:

From Humble to Heroic: Our origins as a small group of Amazon sellers to a community of respected e-commerce leaders is a story worthy of a Netflix documentary.
A Global E-commerce Network: With over 650 members spread across various countries and cities, MDS is truly an international powerhouse. Our members, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of global e-commerce, hail from diverse corners of the globe, from the Americas to Australia, Spain to Thailand, and beyond.
Beyond Business – Building Legacies: Hosting nearly 100 events annually in stunning global destinations, MDS is more than just a business network. It’s a lifestyle. Our members, including creators of household brands like Mary Ruth Organics, Kos, Cheers, Posh Peanut, and Taco vs Burrito, are not just building businesses; they’re crafting lifestyles, forging lasting friendships, and creating enduring legacies.
Elite, But Inclusive: While our doors are open only to the proven, our hearts and minds welcome diverse backgrounds, cultures, ideas and strategies.
Beyond Business: MDS isn’t just about business; it’s about shaping lifestyles, personal growth, fostering lasting friendships, and building a legacy.


Administrative Excellence: Manage and optimize senior leadership schedules, ensuring efficient allocation of time and resources.
Strategic Support: Assist in the planning and execution of strategic initiatives, providing critical support to ensure goals are met.
Communication Hub: Serves as a central point of communication, facilitating clear and effective interactions between departments and with external partners.
Event and Meeting Coordination: Oversee the logistics of virtual and in-person meetings, ensuring productive and engaging collaborations.
Project Management: Contribute to a variety of projects with the agility to adapt to new challenges and undefined tasks.


Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in a relevant field.
Significant experience in executive support roles, demonstrating a capacity for high-level administrative management and strategic support.
Proficiency in digital tools (e.g., MS Office, ClickUp, Slack, Airtable) essential for remote work and project management.
Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, with the ability to manage complex information and interactions.
A proactive, results-oriented mindset, with a commitment to continuous improvement and professional development


Global Work Flexibility: Experience the ultimate freedom of a digital nomad lifestyle with MDS. Our ‘office’ is wherever you are, offering unparalleled flexibility to work from home, at a café, or while globe-trotting, as long as you’re in sync with Eastern Time for key hours. This flexibility ensures you can balance your personal and professional life seamlessly.
Outcome-Driven Work Culture: At MDS, we prioritize results over rigid schedules. Manage your day according to your own rhythm, focusing on outcomes, not hours. This approach grants you the freedom to handle personal tasks or indulge in leisure activities without compromising work quality.
Autonomous Time Management: Empower yourself with the autonomy to organize your tasks and schedule. We trust you to strike the perfect balance between work and personal life, fostering a healthy work-life integration.
Elite Networking Opportunities: Engage with over 650 leading e-commerce entrepreneurs in our network. These interactions are more than networking; they are invaluable learning experiences, offering deep insights and the chance to forge lasting industry connections.
Exclusive Event Access: Represent MDS at exclusive, high-profile events, providing unique opportunities for professional development. These events are gateways to new experiences, cultures, and a global professional network.
Dynamic Community of Innovators: Immerse yourself in an environment brimming with driven, like-minded professionals. This vibrant community encourages continuous personal growth, innovative thinking, and an entrepreneurial spirit.
Continuous Professional Development: Stay at the forefront of e-commerce trends and strategies within our ever-evolving community. Your journey with MDS ensures your professional development is always advancing.
Impactful Work: Your role at MDS allows you to make a tangible impact on our members and communities growth and success. This sense of purpose and visible impact adds a fulfilling dimension to your career, transcending traditional job satisfaction metrics.
Work-Life Synergy: We embrace the synergy between work and life as essential to your overall well-being. Our culture supports a harmonious integration, leading to a more balanced and rewarding lifestyle.
Apps and Tech: You love working with tools to support your abilities and aren’t afraid of digging into spreadsheets or learning new software from chatGPT to project management, you harness and grow with them.

Who This Role Won’t Work For:

If You Seek a Corporate Ladder: MDS isn’t the conventional corporate environment. If you’re looking for a traditional corporate structure with a clear, hierarchical ladder to climb, we’re not the right fit. Our community thrives on flexible structure where innovation and entrepreneurship take the front seat.
Instruction Seekers: This role isn’t for those who expect daily directives and step-by-step guidance. We value self-starters and independent thinkers who are comfortable with taking the initiative. If you’re not one to embrace autonomy and proactively undertake projects, this might not be the place for you.
Organizational Skills Lacking: Effective organization is key in our dynamic environment. This role demands strong organizational skills to manage multiple tasks and projects efficiently. If staying organized under pressure isn’t your strength, our fast-paced setting might be overwhelming.
Preference for Static Roles: If you prefer a predictable, unchanging work environment, you might find our dynamic and often evolving landscape challenging. We operate in a space that requires adaptability and a love for embracing new challenges regularly.
Resistant to Change: The e-commerce landscape is ever-evolving, and so are we. Those who are resistant to change and prefer a static work environment will find it difficult to thrive in our agile and forward-moving community.


Welcome to Million Dollar Sellers (MDS)! As you begin your journey with our dynamic team, we embrace a strategic 90-day onboarding rhythm, setting you up for success from day one. This plan aligns with our agile and focused ethos, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching onboarding experience.

First 30 Days: Immersion and Engagement

MDS Culture and Community: Immerse yourself in the MDS culture, understand the ethos that drives our community’s success.
Operational Systems Mastery: Familiarize yourself with our key systems: Click Up, Airtable, Facebook, Slack, Wild Apricot, and Zapier.
Team and Mission Integration: Get to know team members, their roles, and our company mission, and deeply understand our members’ needs.
Company Assesment: Assess current administrative and operational processes, identifying areas for improvement.

Next 60 Days: Deepening Your Role and Knowledge

Optimize scheduling and administrative processes for increased efficiency.
Take ownership of miscellaneous tasks and contribute to ongoing project

Final 30 Days: Making Your Mark

Demonstrate adaptability, handling both defined and undefined tasks effectively.
Establish a track record of efficiency, quality, and positive contributions to the team.

Throughout your onboarding process, your active participation and contributions will shape the future of our company and community. You’re joining a journey of excellence at MDS, where each task, relationship, and idea contributes to our collective success. Welcome aboard, and let’s make these first 90 days a remarkable start to your journey with us!

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