Cryptographic Engineer

Equilibrium Labs designs builds core infrastructure for the decentralized web. We are an RD company focused on hard engineering problems around security, privacy, and scaling of blockchain-based cloud infrastructure. While we love to experiment and launch products technologies of our own, we also partner with leading builders such as Aleo, Starknet, Solana, and Avail to help accelerate their development.

Our teams are self-organizing; they design their processes and choose their tools. We understand that each team and each project has different needs. We trust our teams to deliver and let them execute project deliverables the way they believe is best.

Equilibrium Labs is a part of Equilibrium Group, the mothership for Labs, and three other companies specializing in decentralized technologies.

We are currently looking for a Cryptographic Engineer, who can help us shape the future of decentralized web. Your role will focus on implementing various cryptographic primitives and protocols, both for internal research projects and real-world blockchains.

We are looking for people with background in math/cryptography and having working experience with:

Low-level system languages e.g. Rust, C++, Go
Taking research papers to functional code

We are especially looking for people having experience with:

Blockchain node implementations
ZK-proof technology
Compilers and VMs

Salary benefits:

Salary and benefits will be negotiated separately based on the candidate’s skills and experience. Please note that we hire our talent outside of Finland with contractor status. This means you’d invoice the company monthly and pay your social security contributions.

In terms of paid time off, we treat all contractors like employees: everyone gets paid national holidays of the country of residence, sick days, and 5 weeks of paid vacation per year.

Take this into consideration, and please include your salary request in the application!

More about the company:

Read more about our vision and projects on our website.

Please, include in your application:

A short paragraph on why you would like to work at Equilibrium specifically
Links to any relevant content (Github, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
Your salary request
Potential starting date

We look forward to meeting you!

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