Build Engineer

A Renewed Vision Build Engineer will create and maintain the infrastructure needed to support our desktop development. You are someone who finds joy in observing the improvements in performance and efficiency when a well refined process or tool is introduced into a system. You understand the importance of having a robust infrastructure and the impact that downtime can have on a development team and organization. You have a team-first mentality that sees opportunities for new solutions and innovations in the midst of complex problems. You are passionate about modern development processes and are a curious lifelong learner.


Experience with creating and maintaining build infrastructure for macOS and Windows native applications and proficiency with the build systems in Xcode and Visual Studio.
Experience with developing and maintaining CI/CD pipelines to automate building, testing, and deploying web and desktop solutions.
Experience using make, Ninja, CMake, Bazel, and/or other build tools.
Experience-based insights into the challenges and needs of a development team.
Drive to take ownership of projects and ability to efficiently lead a project from ideation to delivery.

Originally posted on Himalayas


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Build Engineer, Build And Release Engineer, Build Tools Expert 

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